A just transition to net zero for millions of coffee farmers


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The global coffee industry ships then re-exports millions of tonnes of heavier unroasted coffee every year, meaning the exact same product criss-crosses the exact same oceans.

These coffees inevitably reappear on supermarket shelves, in our universities, and within climate conscious companies, labelled as climate friendly.

Roast First - Ship Once


The Only Way to Climate Friendly Coffee

The coffee sector could have a huge positive effect on global warming, unfortunately coffee not roasted before shipping and subsequently shipped more than once can never be considered climate friiendly.

Global warming is the emergency of our times, not one bean of our coffee is roasted outside of the developing country in which it was grown, meaning that our coffees are up to 20% lighter as they are transported across the planet - and of course because they are the finished product they are shipped once and once only.

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Financing the Race to Zero

Finance is about to undergo a major transformation in the next decade as capital needs to be reallocated to stabilize Earth’s climate. How close are we to a tipping point in the finance sector? How fast will the transformation unfold? What will happen next?

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Coffee slavery and child labour today

Most small-holder coffee farmers earn less than they did 25 years ago, with children as young as six often working up to 12 hours a day in coffee fields.

The extra income from roasting at source goes a long way to alleviating these sad statistics.

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