Modern - Day - Slavery is widespread in coffee supply chains and most coffee retailers and consumers are unwittingly bankrolling it.


1. Value in coffee production is only ever generated once we reach the roasting stage, and virtually all producers in developing countries are unfortunately removed from the supply chain immediately before this point.

2. Not only are huge amounts of roasting income blatantly diverted to consumer countries, but the vast profits generated after that point remain out of reach for most coffee growers.

3. Many coffee suppliers donate back a small fraction of this money and appear sustainable and ethically motivated.

The very definition of Green Washing.

Is Modern - Day - Slavery present in your coffee supply chain?

Was it roasted in the developing country in which it was grown, or did you buy it from a supplier insisting that points 1-3 (above) are the only way to supply coffee?

For short explainer videos go here.

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