Climate change means that about half the world’s coffee-producing
land will be unsuitable by


— INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR TROPICAL AGRICULTURE (CIAT). This will devastate over 100 million families across the world.


The problem and the solutions.

Unnecessary cargo ship journeys.

Green un-roasted coffee is up to 20% heavier than roasted, meaning that hundreds of cargo ships are crossing the worlds oceans and polluting the planet unnecessarily.


  • Shipping roasted coffee drastically reduces the number of cargo ships on the world’s oceans.

  • Avoid duplicate journeys by shipping directly to retailers or consumers.

Diversion of climate change mitigation revenue.

Value is only generated in coffee production after roasting, yet the vast majority of coffee leaves producing countries before this stage, often leaving only abject poverty.


  • Extra roasting income can leave billions of dollars for those with the most to lose.

  • Roasting and production income is the revenue to mitigate climate change across the global coffee belt.

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