"if done poorly, not only does ESG miss its sustainability goals, it can make things worse and let down the very stakeholders it should help." 

Dambisa Moyo Financial Times April 11 2021

NOT1BEAN ESG/Sustainability Approach


1. Sustainability Strategy & Governance


a. Our sustainability approach is formed from living life whilst taking the long-term view, including how we manage the resources that sustain our lives – human, economic, environmental and the surrounding social fabric. A positive attitude to sustainability empowers people and enables improvements in quality of life – it affects how we provide education and health care, and it drives the economic development necessary to ensure that every child grows up to have an equal opportunity to live a healthy, productive and economically viable life. We are passionate about enabling that kind of future.


At NOT1BEAN, we innovate across our business, finding new ways to reduce energy consumption and deliver our products and services to our customers more efficiently and sustainably. We aim to help our farming communities prosper. We invest in all the stakeholders within our supply chain. It is important that we, at NOT1BEAN, put social awareness, economic growth and environmental protection – equally – at the forefront of our agenda. We do not believe these are mutually exclusive concepts, considered together this is how we define sustainability. Ultimately, our vision for NOT1BEAN is one where sustainability – for the benefit of the environment, the economy and our organization, aswell as the communities producing our products – is integrated seamlessly within our overall goal of making the global coffee sector a better place in which to both live and work.

b. Our Approach To Sustainability


Our very formation was with the purpose of improving both the lives of coffee farming communities and the environmental impact the coffee sector has on the world, and as such we operate our business with a constant focus on sustainability. We share progress with our diverse range of stakeholders, while also discussing challenges that may lie on the road ahead. Change is a constant within both the coffee industry and our world as a whole, we recognise that our customers’ demands are changing. They want coffee that is climate friendly and produced in a sustainable manner, – while remaining affordable.


These demands not only present a huge, multi-dimensional challenge, but also create an unparalleled opportunity to build the coffee supply chains of the future. We meet these multidimensional challenges with a multi-level, strategic response. We will continue to advocate for practices that recognize the plight of the coffee farmer. Ultimately, as our history to date demonstrates, the welfare of people and the environment are our main concerns. Our employees are proud of being there (in-country), for our producers, and giving generously of their time to support many worthy causes within those communities. A diverse and inclusive workforce is fundamental to our continued progress.