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Help secure their future.

Every human being matters, which is why we work with disadvantaged coffee farming communities across Colombia.

Please join with us to ensure the future of over 500,000 small coffee farmers across Colombia who need help now, more than they ever did.

help us

We have but one question to ask in order to ascertain whether the coffee sector will build back better and help achieve the SDG goals:


Who will benefit going forward from the vast profits generated only after the roasting stage, the farming communities themselves, or coffee companies in consumer countries?


NOT 1 BEAN of our coffee is ever roasted outside of the country in which it was grown.


Change is coming.

Governments working on plans to rebuild their economies should pair recovery action with policies both to develop resilient supply chains and to ensure that they, and the companies they support, emerge stronger than before.


⅓ of farmers earn less than $100 per year from coffee production.


—  Enveritas

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”




Mail: info@not1bean.com

Phone number: 57 310 580 8000

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