Coffee prices on a downward spiral.

Updated: Apr 14

Colombian farmers switch coca for coffee to protect wildlife according to a recent a recent report by Thompson Reuters.

A link to the full Thompson Reuters report is included at the foot of this page.

"In northern Colombia sits the dense forest of the San Lucas Mountains.

Farmers are reported to be replacing the coca plant used as the main ingredient for manufacturing cocaine for coffee plants in an effort to preserve rare Colombian wildlife and to stop further deforestation.

In conjunction between farmers, roasters and the Colombian environmental group WEBCONSERVA it is the first project of it's kind to build a protective border around forests to help protect the environment within.

Areas such as this are home to 50,000 plants and animal species, for example the forests of San Lucas are a haven for rare predators like ocelots, pumas and spectacled bears - one of the region’s most endangered species - and serve as a crossroads in migratory corridors used by jaguars, whose range stretches from Argentina to Mexico.

Reuters report, depending on the quality of the product, they receive around $250 to $300 per 125 kilos (275 pounds) of coffee, an enviable return in a country where prices regularly dip below production costs."

Colombia is renowned for producing the worlds finest Arabica coffee and it is widely reported that the average cost to produce 1 pound of this as green unprocessed coffee is somewhere around $1.40, the report highlighting that farmers are in fact therefore being paid well below the cost of production. The prices quoted equate to farmers receiving between 0.91 cents & $1.10 per pound, below the cost of production and a figure that leaves this particular project unprofitable and the farmers increasingly likely to return to the practice of cultivating coca..

These prices are not uncommon across the coffee producing regions of the world. At NOT 1 BEAN we ensure that by leaving the much needed coffee roasting income within the farming communities, we transform what is a loss producing enterprise into a profitable venture for those with the most to lose - the farming communities themselves

Please follow this link to read the news report by Thompson Reuters.


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