Modern slavery is all around us, and often just out of sight.

Updated: Oct 3

40 million people are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery worldwide:

  • 1 in 4 of them are children.

  • Almost three quarters (71%) are women and girls.

We started NOT1BEAN, working within the coffee sector in 2017, predicting that human rights violations, especially slave and child labor in coffee fields, would grab the world’s attention and

this is proving to be true only now.

Worldwide coffee consumption is set to reach a record in 2020, U.S. data shows, yet modern-day slavery runs largely unchecked across the global coffee belt.

NOT1BEAN works with like-minded organisations to rebalance the distribution of profits generated within the $100 billion coffee sector. We aim to change the system that insists on the roasting of coffee and subsequent profits as being exclusively for consumer countries.

Clear and consistent action to drive the eradication of modern-day slavery across the coffee world is critical to accelerate progress towards the zero tolerance of of slavery-like working conditions.

Certifiers know that there are huge problems with non-compliance in certified supply chains,

and consumers believe that when they pay $2 more for certified coffee, that money is being handed to workers when there is very little actual evidence that is the case.

When the vast majority of coffee growing communities (at least 94%) are removed from the supply chain prior to any value being generated, then abject poverty, as currently embedded throughout the coffee sector, is the inevitable result.

The insistence that coffee farmers must only export their green unroasted coffee, at many many times less than the prices achievable were it to be roasted beforehand, leads to something we call 'green coffee slavery'.

We call for like minded individuals and corporations to help us bring an end to this diversion of life changing income, and to insist their coffee is roasted, and the profits enjoyed, by the people with the most to lose - the producers and their families.

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