One Good Thing To Come Out Of Covid 19!!

Whilst the world watches heartbreaking stories of rising death tolls around the globe, people have also began to witness another change, air quality is cleaner, water is clearer.

Does this mean we are witnessing a positive impact of reduced greenhouse gases amidst the negativity of a world health pandemic? It certainly seems so:

London air quality has reportedly improved between 33 & 50%.

Clean water being witnessed in the canals of Venice.

China, India, USA, Europe all show air quality improvements

This is all due to the reduction in vehicles on roads, aircraft in our skies, ships on oceans and of course the closure of many carbon intensive industries.

As we witness countries relaxing lock down measures it is inevitable the air quality will once again begin to fall, so now is the time we all take responsibility to reduce our carbon footprints to a minimum.

NOT 1 BEAN are the only coffee import / export company that have already addressed this (3 years ago) keeping their shipping weights up to 20% less than others in the same industry.

What can your business do to make these imperative changes?


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