Saving The Colombian Rain Forest Could Save Lives?

Colombia is now a post conflict nation following the peace treaty signed between the Government and leaders of the rebel group FARC in 2016.

During the civil war the deforestation of Colombia’s more remote areas was virtually unheard off and inaccessible to the majority due to the conflict.

Since the peace deal these remote areas are now losing up to 3,000 km of forestation every year due to illegal logging, mining and unsanctioned farming.

These practices need to stop as Botanists & Scientists are now able to access the virgin forest lands and have found the vast bio-diversity of these areas are allowing them to explore new plants that may hold key properties to produce vaccinations for humans.

These findings are globally important to world experiencing new viruses such as Covid 19.

In short the hidden treasures growing in these forests could save lives.

It’s not just lives that can be saved globally by maintaining these forest areas but the lively hoods of the Colombian people struggling to survive in a post war era.

Exploring these areas of new found botanical & wildlife species along with stunning unseen waterfall’s etc opens this area up to controlled Eco tourism bringing and an end to local communities living in 3rd world conditions and all that comes with living in abject poverty.

Resource information from the BBC. A great video to watch can be found here: (


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