Starbucks Announce Sustainability Goals for 2030 & New Roastery in China - investing $130,000,000.

Updated: Apr 26

Two articles detailing Starbucks future plans, , leave us somewhat confused.

One reports Starbucks sustainability goals up to 2030 and their desire to deploy a 'greener' business model.

Explaining their building of a new roasting plant - which will inevitably increase their carbon footprint - whilst coffee producing countries struggle to operate their own roasting facilities at anywhere near full production.

Why Starbucks won't consider simply buying more roasted coffee from producer countries is a question best answered by their own sustainability departments, nevertheless the extra roasting income left at source would in our opinion enhance their green credentials far more than by diverting ever increasing amounts of income away from developing countries.

As recently as Dec 2019 Reuters and Channel 4 Dispatches exposed child labour in two different countries on farms where Starbucks buy coffee.

Maybe just leaving more roasting income with smallholder farmers would address the real problem?

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