Stop The Destruction Of Nature or Face Worse Pandemics

The Guardian reported last week that the world's top scientists are saying if the destruction of nature is halted we must prepare to face further and potentially worse pandemics such as the current Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Leading scientists quoted in the report said

“There is a single species responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic – us,” they said. “Recent pandemics are a direct consequence of human activity, particularly our global financial and economic systems that prize economic growth at any cost. We have a small window of opportunity, in overcoming the challenges of the current crisis, to avoid sowing the seeds of future ones.”

The biodiversity experts also said: “We can emerge from the current crisis stronger and more resilient than ever, [by] choosing actions that protect nature, so that nature can help to protect us.

From a Coffee Industry perspective one simple action of roasting coffee in the country of origin, and then shipping direct to the consumer country will offer up to 20% weight savings on the world's oceans, and allowing the coffee producers to mitigate climate change, growing more sustainable crops in the future.

Nature & Wildlife play's a distinct part in coffee production and we must take the expert views that stopping the destruction of nature is vitally important.


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