The Covid-19 Coffee OPPORTUNITY

Corona virus crisis could plunge half a billion people into poverty: Oxfam.

Findings overwhelmingly point to the harsh reality that many infected with Covid-19 are people who already experience systemic inequality, poverty and discrimination - issues that existed long before the virus, and which are now exposed for all to see.

Supply chains are finding themselves squarely within the public eye and experiencing ever increasing pressure as endemic inequalities are laid bare.

Now is the time to create supply chain resilience.

A small change WITH far reaching benefits

The time has passed for arguing against roasting, packaging and sealing coffee prior to it reaching consumer countries, in the midst of a pandemic change is now inevitable.

Currently 25 million smallholder farmers produce 80% of the world's coffee, almost all are removed from the supply chain before any real value is generated.

In coffee supply lines that value is generated at the roasting stage.

Current procurement practices lead to unchecked modern-day slavery and the widespread use of child labour.


Safe Trade Coffee


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