The world really doesn't need unnecessary cargo ships.

Green (unroasted) coffee is up to 20% heavier than after roasting, green coffees often marketed showing the reduction in weight once roasting has taken place - why not simply roast before transport and remove this burden from the world's oceans and skies?

By roasting more coffee at source, prior to transport, we could remove vast amounts of unnecessary coffee cargo being shipped or flown across the globe.

The world really doesn't need the extra pollution caused by shipping up to 20% of the worlds coffee unnecessarily, and by leaving roasting income at source farming communities could address the devastation caused by climate change - and address it directly.

Developing countries are the most impacted by climate change and the least able to afford its consequences.

According to the World Health Organization, as of the year 2030, climate change is expected to contribute to approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year.

Standards from the International Maritime Organization mandate steep cuts of sulfur emissions associated with respiratory disease and acid rain.

Given that coffee is up to 20% lighter after roasting, a reduction on this scale would go a long way to fulfilling that mandate. 




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