A verifiable inspection cycle.

Updated: Apr 14

At the time of writing, the last four months have revealed two similar news stories focusing on the current plight across the global coffee belt. Both exposed similar findings relating to the unchecked use of modern day slavery & child labour on coffee fields.

Here at NOT 1 BEAN we implement internal QA/QC procedures, similar to those used in other industries, our regular farm inspections cover all aspects of production from planting through to the application of pesticides, and of course the monitoring of the working conditions of the labour force. As a result of this ongoing level of inspection we offer a 100% guarantee against the use of modern day slavery and/or child labour - the only coffee supply company to do so.

All customers of NOT 1 BEAN can choose to have daily or weekly inspections, demonstrating due diligence of working practices within their supply chains, and compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

How we are different:

Put simply, companies relying on well known certification labels buy from farms where inspections are carried out as little as once every 3 years or even less - with only a small percentage farms under the certification scheme actually visited at all.

Although these practices were perhaps originally a step in the right direction, farm owners being given advance notice of forthcoming inspections really defeats the object of the inspection process as a whole.

With permanent local inspectors in attendance daily, and of course our farmers granting unlimited access to their production processes, our reporting system is relevant and verifiable. In the rare event of a farm not adhering to our required standards our first action is to submit the infraction to our client and as a last resort move the contract to an alternative farm.


Safe Trade Coffee


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