Roasted at source where it should be, by the people who understand their coffee better than anybody. This coffee is specialty grade coffee at everyday prices.


Drink a superb coffee knowing you're cooling the planet, as we remove cargo ships from the oceans, safe in the knowledge that more of your money stays with producers as they desperately try to mitigate climage change whilst feeding and educating their children.


There really is only one climate friendly way to buy coffee.


Roast First - Ship Once.


Fragrance & Aroma: Sweet, Honeyed & Lemony

Flavour: Honey Sweet

Residual Flavor: Chocolatey Creamy Acidity: Juicy Citrus and Lime

Body: Clean Creamy With Reminiscent Of Chocolate & Almonds


Cupping Score 83.5 Points (SCA)

2 X 500 g Bags

1 KGColombian Speciality Roasted Whole Coffee Beans

  • 100% Colombian ROasted Coffee Beans

    Roast Level: Medium

    Grown In Colombia

    Roasted in Colombia

    Cupping core 83+