The Tayronaca Association was created in 2005 as an organic project in the village of Bonda Vereda de Santa Marta. Among its main achievements is the establishment of fair, equitable and direct commercial relations based on trust and product quality and the strengthening of the productive chain through the socialization of sustainable practices among their associates. The money received from the sales of their products goes to a common stock exchange, which allows them to create projects and plans for the improvement of the quality of life of their associate producers.


Municipality: Sierra nevada de Santa marta y serranía del Perijá.
Dept: Departamentos de Magdalena- municipios de Santa Marta, Corregimiento de Boda, San Javier, Palmor. Departamento del Cesar: Municipios de Pueblo Bello, veredas de San Quintín, Costa rica, Nuevo Colon, Nabusimake, Montes Grandes.
Altitude: 1.100 – 1.700 masl
Producers: 200 members, 28 Female – 172 Male
Variety: Colombia, Caturra, Castillo
Process: Washed
Mid Crop: –
Main Crop: Oct- Apr
Production: 450.000 Kilos of parchment
Farms size: 3 has


Tasting notes

Residual Creamy
Dry fruits
Cinnamon species
Dark chocolate

Asociacion Tayronaca


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