Timanco is an icon of freedom and strength of the inhabitants of Timaná Huila. The origin of this coffee. The history says that when this territory was invaded by the Spanish colonizers, its inhabitants –indigenous people- rebelled in such a way that one of the strongest wars of the conquest was fought; this subversion was headed by Timanco, a warrior cacique, son of the leader of the community: the Gaitana cacique. This indigenous community was one of the strongest in the area and was characterized by their union and work. Finally Timanco would be captured by the invaders and burned alive in front of his people as a sign of supremacy and superiority, which would unleash the wrath of his mother who attacked right then, would turn along with his brothers, capturing the general. This are a coffee full of stories that is part of the cultural heritage of the region and therefore today is part of our portfolio.


About this coffee

Municipality: Timana
Dept: Huila
Altitude: 1.400-1,800
Producers: 23
Variety: Caturra- Colombia- Castillo
Process: Washed
Mid Crop: Jun- Aug
Main Crop: Oct- Jan



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